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Propofol interaction?


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I had to get a colonoscopy last week and the sedative they gave me was propofol. Could that have affected withdrawal symptoms ?


It seems like since then I have had horrible WD symptoms.  The propofol is the only thing I can think of that I did differently. Symptoms are the worst I’ve had so far.  Muscle twitches and shaking.  Muscle spasms in neck and shoulders.  Bad headache and the worst brain fog I’ve had so far along with feeling like I’m constantly on the edge of a panic attack.faltering speech?


Has anyone had any experience with this?    I really feel like I’m losing it! And I haven’t even started back up on my taper yet.

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I'm so sorry you're experiencing a bad wave of withdrawal symptoms.


I had a colonoscopy with propofol in March.  I asked for non-benzo sedation.  I had a bad reaction to the propofol and felt horribly sick for about 24 hours.  My withdrawal symptoms revved up for a few days and then settled back to where they'd been prior to the colonoscopy.


My opinion is that the whole ordeal of preparing for the procedure, the procedure itself, and the propofol all put a kit if stress on my CNS.  I've found that significant stress always seems to set off a wave for me.


I hope you feel better soon.

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Thanks Brighterday


I agree with you 100% about the whole ordeal.  I’ve had colonoscopies before but this one was particularly bad because of the withdrawal symptoms I was having before it.  I think the whole thing just clobbered me. 


Sorry you had a unpleasant time as well. 


Thanks for your response.  It’s good to know I’m not the only one to have this experience.

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