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Trying to get off of Zyprexa


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So while going through Klonopin withdrawal I was put on Zyprexa to help with the withdrawal. I wish I would have known that it comes with it's own withdrawal hell.


I've been benzo free for a little over a year and had been doing much better. Definitely not 100%, but much better than last year.


I fully believe the psych meds I'm still on are not working and are making things worse,  but getting off of them terrifies me because of how awful benzo withdrawal was.  Any time I'd try lowering my SSRI I'd get extremely anxious, angry, and depressed.


I was only on 5 mg of Zyprexa so I cut it in half for about two weeks and didn't experience any withdrawal, so I completely stopped taking it about 15 days ago. 


I'm now very depressed. My anxiety has gotten much worse. I ended up going to the E.R. yesterday because I fully believed I was dying.... something that happened often when going through benzo withdrawal.  I have nausea, diarreah, confusion.... but the mental stuff is the worst.


I've researched Zyprexa withdrawal and some have even compared it to benzo withdrawal. Why on earth would they put me on something like this when I was already dealing with such a horrible withdrawal? I feel like I'm being poisoned and I'm terrified that I'm trapped on these medications. I'm still on Celexa and Trileptal. I'm TERRIFIED to even try getting off of them. I feel trapped.


Has anybody successfully gotten off Zyprexa?

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Yes I got off zyprexa 5mg. I withdrew by 1/4 tablet every 2 weeks. I honestly felt like crap because I’m withdrawing from z drugs anyway, but as I dropped dosage I started feeling less like a zombie. Get off them and stay off. Unless ur having psychosis u shouldn’t be on them. Drs have no clue. Have they taken them themselves, probably not, so how do they know they will help? THEY DONT. They are just guessing. X I hope this helps. Xx
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Hi there.


Im currently tapering off diazepam at 5mg. During May I had a bad time with insomnia and ended up in hospital. They released me on a 100mg of Sertraline, 2.5-5mg of Zyprexa and back on 5mg of Diazepam. I Stabilised but the Zyprexa made me emotional numb and irritable. I hated it and ended going cold Turkey on the Zyprexa. Its been 16 days off it and I only have suffered periods of nausea and no appetite.


I was on it for about 14 weeks. Its utter rubbish but it did help me sleep thou.



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