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Gabapentin for pain?


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Has anyone had positive or negative experiences treating their pain with Gabapentin or Lyrica?


I’ve been in crippling pain for about 3 years, likely induced by withdrawal. I really don’t want to have t medicate this but I’m at my wits end. Has anybody been able to heal whilst on this type of medication?

It feels much like nerve pain/severe hypertonic pelvic floor muscles. Open to any suggestions.

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I was given gabapentin for neuropathic pain following surgery.  It helped.  Doc cleared me to try up to 600 mg.  I started at 100, and decided that 300 did an adequate job.  I also took it for a couple of months following my c/t and it helped a little (mostly helped my sleep).


I didn't have much difficulty stopping it, but my dose was fairly small.  Some people have reported difficulty weaning off.  From what I understand, it should be tapered both up and down.

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I am in the same situation.


Over the last few months I have developed a really bad back problem that can be relieved with a 100 mgs of gabapentin.  Nothing else seems to help.  I only discovered that the gabapentin works a week ago.  I now take the gabapentin about every other day.  I do not want to take it, but when my back seizes up it is painful to even walk.  I have read the posts on Gabapentin and the problems it causes.  I am very concerned about it.  But there doesn't seem to be any alternative for me to remain functional.


I have only taken it a few times and am afraid I will have to take it more frequently and will require larger doses of it.


My taper was coming along well, but the covid and riots have caused more anxiety than anything in my life, so I am stuck at 2 mg of valium a day.

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