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Lamotrigine (Lamictal)


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Hello, as I am going through withdrawal from Ambien abuse, I have a question about Lamotrigine. I began my abuse of Ambien when I realized that the 2 hours it worked, I was pain free from the effects of starting Lamotrigine. When I started Lamotrigine, everything seemed ok at low doses. After the third bump which landed me at 75 mg, I began get really really bloated--I looked like I was five months pregnant. I ignored it as it didn't really hurt. Then, one morning, I woke up with feverish feelings and a horrible stomach pain, so I immediately stopped the medication. I have gotten sick before with stomach pain due to antidepressants and it was always better to just stop the offender. However, for two weeks, I had debilitating depression, insufferable stomach pain, nausea, no appetite, diarrhea, vision problems, depersonalization, derealization, feeling weird inside like i couldn't sit still and I wanted to crawl out my skin. When I brought this up to my psych, he said that there was no way it was caused by the drug because I hadn't even hit therapeutic doses yet.


What did I go through?


Has anyone else had a similar experience with Lamotrigine? All I ever hear are things about how it is life changing


Any idea why any type of mood enhancer, certain vitamins, and psych drugs cause me debilitating stomach pain for months?

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Icy, it sure wasn't life-changing for me. Here are some of the listed side effects:


Common side effects may include:


headache, dizziness;

blurred vision, double vision;

tremor, loss of coordination;

dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea;

fever, sore throat, runny nose;

drowsiness, tired feeling;

back pain; or.

sleep problems (insomnia)


Good lord . . . how could your doc not be aware of these? I took this drug several years ago, and as I was making my way up to some dose my doc thought might be good for me (150 mgs, I think), I got the above s/x plus A RASH!! All over my body. So I stopped the drug.


If it's disagreeing with you, by all means stop it. I bet that when it has cleared your system, you'll feel better. It took me about 3 months to feel right again. Brother, what an awful experience. (And why do we need our moods "enhanced" anyhow??)


BTW I was in tolerance to Ambien at the time also. Fun and games.


Hope you feel better.





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