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Here to learn so I can help a family member


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Hi all, good to meet you. I'm joining the site as a concerned brother with a family member who is struggling with benzos, looking to learn how best to support a family member going through this - and how to help them recognise that they may have a problem.



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Hello ConcernedBrotherUK,


Welcome to Benzo Buddies! It's wonderful that you want to learn more about benzos and the issues related to taking them.  We'll try to provide good information to you. 


When you say your family member is struggling with benzos, is he/she taking them now or are they in the withdrawal process? In order to give you the best advice, providing additional information will be very helpful.


Long term benzo use has been shown to cause cognitive difficulties and memory issues. Taking benzos long term, longer then the recommended 2-3 weeks, can also cause a physical dependency. Often this is accompanied with tolerance, where the original dose is no longer effective, requiring increases to achieve the effects once felt.  Withdrawal can be challenging for some people as well.


For now, until we hear back from you, I'll give you a link to the Ashton Manual. It is an excellent resource about benzos, tapering and withdrawal. The manual was written by Dr. Heather Ashton, an expert in the field. 


We look forward to hearing more from you so we can address your family member's unique situation.


The Ashton Manual



pianogirl  :)

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