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7 months off tomorrow , considering a water fast as I am getting worse


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Dear Buddies

I am finding it hard to accept that there is nothing I can do apart from the basics to help my recovery


I am 75 now and thanks to a Doctor who thought it appropriate to give me Diazepam in my 70's, I am suffering badly


I have done all I can ,


I became so ill on the drug and yet those same Doctors and nurses insisted it was my anxiety and I needed to get on a treatment, meaning an AD,


I wasted 3-4 months stuck on this drug , losing massive amounts of weight , dry heaving , bed bound agoraphobic


I had had enough and asked to taper off just 4mgs of diazepam,


Too late my body and brain were already damaged and altered


I have struggled though tapering for many months, and their trials of AD's,  fortunately the  last being Mirtazapine for a week  2 years ago , and I am 7 months off now and so very ill


I cannot gain any weight


Hardly sleep


Live in terror every day ,


Extreme tinnitus whilst already very deaf


lots of ice cold prickly numbness that started at the end of my taper,  and has continued. Been seen by a Doctor before Covid made that impossible and had bloods done then , 


I have to find a way forward  and  as I  am so sensitive now to everything I can only think that giving this old body  a complete rest from food and all the glutamate, histamines, etc  might be a way forward


Rather than adding in, taking away


I am ill because of this drug and the other things they  tried in the past, and  my body wont take more


I can only think that if I make sure I have my electrolytes , I  stand a chance of improving , or not


Has anyone any knowledge about water fasting ?


Thank you for any help in advance

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your body needs nourishment & love. accept that you are still early on. you have calm moments in the evening so that is a very positive sign. let more time pass. and eat healthy & fresh. I would never fast during recovery.
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