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Need help! I really need to know if this is a symptom or if it's normal


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I don't even know how to describe well.


It's as if my mental energy quota has been reduced to 1/10 compared to my normal conditions.


Thinking too much or doing too much stuff in a row that demands logic makes me enter in a 'overheat mode' which makes my right temple with a feeling of burning, making me less capable of exercising logical thoughts and making me feel mentaly exhausted.


Once I reach this state it's debilitating and I can't work or even sustain a normal conversation: I need to have a time without thinking so what I usually do is to lay in my bed and do nothing but breathing and trying to relax, or to meditate.


Yesterday I reached this point simply by playing a 2 hour online boardgame and seems that I am still mentally exhausted from yesterday. I fear for my job.


If I keep on going working thinking too much and ignoring this feeling I get racing non-stop thoughts, high BP and weird sensations that makes me think I am having a stroke.


I am now still with this right temple burning... is not exactly a pain feeling but still something very noticeable and I am still mentally exhausted to the point that I don't even want to try to watch TV.


Has anyone here ever gone through this?


I am now trying to stabilize at 0.75mg of Valium and I never was a heavy user... tapering for more than 1 year and half. I really want to try L-theanine but I am in the middle of the triple therapy for H. pylori so I think maybe I should wait until the I stop taking the antibiotics (I am at day 9 of 14). But I really need to get better to work so it makes me wonder if I should try anyway.


I already used a medical license of two weeks so I am kinda in a tricky situation.

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