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Who Came off The Aston Method and has lasting Withdrawal?


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Who here came off the Ashton Method and is having lasting w/d after? Also if anyone knows others who came off this way and how did they do?


Some may remember me I was suffering terribly after being rapidly tapered odd benzos after 7 years daily use.

It was torture all day everyday as I was also on prozac and tapered off that while only 3 months off benzo. I think I was having seizures when I went into a rage.


I had a zillion symptoms and was still on an anti psychotic. After almost a year off benzos the my doctor increased the dose of my anti psychotics I had been on for years and a few weeks later I had an adverse reaction. My whole body felt like it was full of poison and I literally couldn't stop rocking and moving until I ended up in the ER then inpatient psych. They had to get help how to get me off safely. I was very out of it and sick for days. At some point I know I had 2 full seizures even though the nurses were yelling at me to get off the floor I couldn't. I was hyperventalating and convulsing.


I ended up on a whole new handful of meds including a benzo even though I said I was allergic. I was on clorazapam in the past now I'm on Ativan.They said I could taper right back off but its been months and other meds have needed adjusted first and honestly I know its hurting my brain but I can't go back to the suffering I was in this past whole year where I lived off these boards.

I know coming off the Ashton method might help but still I'm scared.

I would love to hear from others who tapered off a second time under the Ashton method and how it went .???



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Maybe go really slow?  Like a microtaper if the benzo is working for you?  How many times a day do you dose ativan?  What other drugs are you on?
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