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help on my taper


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can anyone help. I cut a bit to fast down to 5mg Valium. from 6.125.

I was felling really bad last few days but seeing improvement

a large jump I know but its done now its been 12days and I'm holding

how long should I hold? is it ok to hold till I stabilise or keep going down at my monthly rate.

if I still feel bad at that point in time.

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Hey  :)


just depends on how you feel. Don't keep on dropping if you feel bad, as it will get worse. Try and stabilise.


I dropped every 3 weeks by 1mg from 10mg to 6mg. Then I did 0.5mg every 3 weeks and am now at 2mg. Sometimes I waited 4 weeks between drops. Just depended on how I feel at the time. As you know some drops can be worse than others, so its fine to hold for longer if needed  :)


Everyone is different so try and see how you feel. If you think you have stabilised then give in a few days and if you feel comfortable drop down again, but don't do it too quick as you can make things worse  .

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