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Need help! Really weird feeling near the right temple almost making me updose


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I'm sorry for these threads, I have no one to count on except people here and maybe reddit... I have no benzowise doctor helping me and my family is very frustrated and desperate with my situation despite of my own difficulties.


Since I dropped Xanax (check my signature), I was feeling something with a strange pattern: after one hour of work with logical thinking, reasoning and analytical stuff, I was feeling that some specific parts of my brain in the right temple area were entering 'overheat' mode. I use this term because I don't feel that I should describe as a headache: it is as if some points or nerves in the right temple were burning, it's not really a pain but a really annoying feeling that maybe one 'normal' dude would feel if overthinking and overstudying for like 10 hours. It really feels like there is a CPU overheating in my right temple.


If I ignore this sensation and keep working, I start to feel high blood pressure, strange sensations as a flow of blood coming out of nowhere from the back of my neck to my head, I start feeling panicky and I even get mentally consfused. Curious thing is that this sensation was generally subsiding after eating in a way that I was feeling like crap before eating the dinner but after I was much better 20 min later. I guess it's worth mentioning that I have mild gastritis and I still need to treat H. pylori.


At first, I tried to do more pauses at my work (it's a home office job)... but it wasn't doing good and I asked for a medical license. I took 2 weeks off.


Feelings became unbearable even after I stopped working. I gave up to the pressure my parents were making in despair and I took CBD oil while still tapering V. Felt weird... and one day I took a whole dropper and I got really HIGH, but not in a good way: for a minute my BP was 170/100 and I was shivering while my father was helping me in the bed.


The next day I was feeling good and almost the whole day went ok, I jogged/ran, I played videogame, I read and I was feeling good.


The day after I was miserable... the 'overheating' sensation constant and I wasn't able to do any effort on thinking or remembering stuff. I wasn't even able to answer text messages. I got really afraid that I messed my brain with the cbd oil high episode of BP of 170/100.


Can't read, can't play videogame, can't watch tv... everything that make me proccess information is making me really uncomfortable as if the logical part of my brain was messed. I am really really afraid that I developed a very small unruptured aneurism with the BP episode and now it's touching a nerve making this sensation constant. The sensation of burning and constantly feeling these particular parts of my head.


I am almost updosing to 2.5mg of Valium (half a pill because I don't know if I can trust in the water syringe scheme of titration I am doing) just to check if its only wd or if I messed things up and maybe this need extra attention.


Even today after reading some e-mails I felt the weird feeling, I don't know what to do.

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Benzo withdrawal can be a very lonely time - BB provides an oasis to people going through this ordeal - it can be the only place where we feel understood at times.


Symptoms like strange burning, tingling and other sensations, and cognitive fog, anxiety, panic, digestive issues - all are common  in withdrawal.  But if you have concerns about blood pressure or any other medical concerns it's important to check in with your doctor. 


It seems clear that the CBD oil you have is not helping you and that perhaps you should avoid it.


You describe feeling great the next day but the following day you got slammed with symptoms again.  Do you think you maybe did too much the day you went for a run, etc?  In any case, it's great you had a good day! 


Withdrawal can be miserable and it sounds like you're in the thick of symptoms.  But please be careful about updosing.  A slow, consistent taper is gentlest to your central nervous system.


Take care,


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Brighterday, thank you so much for your gentle and caring answer.


A good neurologist that I went past week said my exams were normal (I did an EEG and MRIs as cranial resonance and angioresonance). Problem is that I still feel this burning and it went from episodic to constant after the high stress episode with CBD oil. I am really afraid that I might have an aneurysm very small (below the 3mm threshold of these exams) that is touching my nerve and I fear and get depressed thinking about living like this. An angiography that would solve this doubt is an invasive and risky exam that might cause a stroke.


Should I take a higher dose of V to test if I feel good or I might mess with my taper and feel bad even updosing? Also: is there a good rule of thumb you suggest for updosing?


As for the CBD, I already stopped it and this is my second day without taking it. I wonder if I am already free of its effects. I will only try this again when I finish my Valium taper I guess.


I don't think it was too much for a running as it went less than my usual average. But the previous night before this good day was the panicky episode with CBD which made me only sleep 4 hours. Maybe a delayed reaction to all this?


What would you recommend for one suffering with all this? Is this all expected even with my history and my most recent taper steps?

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Since you have confidence in your neurologist it might help to remind yourself of this when you feel fearful.


It's can also help to remind ourselves that the fear center of the brain goes into overdrive during withdrawal as our brains work to find balance again after benzos.  So many of us have incredibly strong fear responses and often it is focused on our own health because we're experiencing symptoms that are new and strange to us.  Same with anxiety which of course goes hand in hand with fear.  Anxiety in withdrawal can be magnified beyond anything we've experienced before.  But as our brains heal our fear responses and anxiety levels become more balanced.  It takes time.  And time requires us to be patient and to accept what is happening.


I would try to hold steady in your taper and if anything hold at your current dose until you start to feel a bit better before making your next cut.  I certainly wouldn't update as a test.  Playing with doses is rough on the central nervous system which struggles to recalibrate with every change and this can result in symptoms.  I'm not an expert at all on updosing and I don't know if there is a good rule of thumb.  Maybe someone else will weigh in.


As we get to the lower doses in a taper we may feel more symptoms after cuts - so slowing it down may be the right way to go for you. 


I think you're wise to stop the CBD for a while. 


There are many, many tips on the forum for how to cope with withdrawal. Anxiety  has a lot of good tips.


Generally, these things can help:

Self care- healthy diet, plenty of water, as much rest as you can get, gentle exercise,


soothing music,

laughter (comedy),

positive visualization,

repeating affirmations to yourself (I am okay.  I will be okay)

slow deep breathing,

keeping your stress levels as low as possible,

distraction - putting your nervous energy into productive activity that doesn't stress you - chores, arts and crafts, hobbies, cooking etc.


Many of us have to dig deep to find the strength we need to get through this.


Wishing you much strength and healing,



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sorry to hear you feel bad mate  :(


Yeah leave CBD oil alone. I tried it and it zoned me out. Some people swear by it, but doesn't agree with everyone.


Agreed it is a lonely journey but coming on here definitely helps  :).


Just looking at your stats if say you went from 2.5mg valium to 1.25mg valium, that is to big drop. I am on 2mg of diazepam/vallim and my plans next is to weight the pills on digi scales then divide the tablet my an 1/8th then take that off the total weight and drop down to 1.75mg then 1.5mg etc. Think a slower drop will help you out mate.


Brighterday has some great tips  :thumbsup:


I do some meditation as well that helps mate  :thumbsup:


Hope things get better for you  :)

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Plasticman, thank you for your message and support.


Do you think the stuff I described here is still due to the cuts and are wd related?


What digi scale do you use? I think I will buy one instead of titrating the pill in water. Is it safe to assume that the content of the pill is uniformly distributed?

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CBD even with no a THC makes my head fizz and whoosh more, heat along spine, sweating, muscles collapse and twist, terror of sounds, hallucinatory overlay worse, heart beats fast, panic.

Everything I take from benzo dose, aspirin to Vit D, magnesium, laxitive - everything causes the same symptoms.

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no worries  :)


Yeah looks like you dropped to quick mate. You went from 2.5mg to 1.25mg, you need to slow down on the lower doses. Thats probably why you have bad WD  :(


The withdrawals come in all shapes and forms. I have had loads of different withdrawals and I dropped to quick when I started. I like you at the time had no doctor, I was buying the tablets from a drug dealer. I only had 10mg tablets it was a nightmare. I didn't know what I was doing and I got down to 5mg and lost the plot, had to go to the doctors, she didn't have a clue so I had to then go and see a psychiatrist. They ramped me unto 10mg. Then I started from there doing it in 1mg then from 6m I was lowering it by 0.5mg.


Wished I had know about this forum early tbh, its nice to speak with others that are or have gone through the same pain I have. I speak with my parents and misses and they understand what I am going through (its good to speak with your family and have there support) but in truth they don't truly understand. Its sole taking, BUT it can be beaten with help and willpower  :)


You can buy digital scales from eBay, amazon they aren't much. Just make sure they weight down to 0.001g.


You can either lower the dose by a small amount each day. Watch this vid mate: (for slow dry tapering)





I am going to weigh a 2mg tablet and divide it by 8 (to get the weight of 1/8 of the tablet). Then take an 1/8 off the total weight of the tablet and drop every 2-3weeks that amount. So I will be going from 2mg to 1.75 (1/8 of the total weight of the tablet) to 1.5mg (2/8 of the total weight of the tablet) etc.


Everyone is different mate. Some people can drop down larger amounts and everyone gets different withdrawals, so its about learning how you feel and judging whether you can drop slowly/quickly and by what amounts. Sometimes its trial and error.


Stay with it and you an beat this horrible drug  :)

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