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2nd Successful Klonopin Taper


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I am happy to say that I have now successfully tapered off 2mgs of Klonopin twice. Both times, I was placed on the medication post partum for severe panic, anxiety, insomnia. The first taper occurred after my son's birth in 2013 (zero sleep for 6 nightmarish days) and the second after my daughter's in 2019. Both tapers took nearly 9 months to complete. I did it differently both times but had a fairly smooth taper process for each. My advice to those getting ready to taper is to take it slow, listen to your body, eat healthy, exercise, and do as many enjoyable activities as you can. Also, find a doc who is supportive of how you'd like to tackle the taper. While I do not like benzos, I am unlike many people on the forum in that I don't vilify the drug or swear I will never take it again. I also do not blame the medical field or my doctors in treating my panic with klonopin. They were doing the best they could. You can't tell a panic ridden mother who hasn't slept in 6 days to go home, take a benedryl, and meditate. It doesn't work. Without question, these drugs SAVED MY LIFE. Ideally, I will not take it again. I do not plan on any more children so no more horrific postpartum panic BUT if there comes a time in my life again when I have to choose suicide or benzo treatment, I will choose benzo treatment. Successfully tapering twice has taught me that while these drugs are powerful, some even say dangerous, I am still stronger than the drug. Best wishes to everyone getting ready to taper or to those who are struggling. My heart goes out to you. Your battle is two fold. You are battling the benzo but you are also battling whatever the benzo was treating in the first place. I know what is to feel like you will never make it out, but you will.  :smitten:
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