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differences of valium-klonopin-xanax success


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I feel like there are more success stories from klonopin and xanax. I understand that Aston suggests people to transition to using valium for smooth tapering off benzos. I have been only a valium user and as of recently I feel as if valium maybe perhaps the hardest one to overcome out of all the benzos? I mean when I search the success stories most of them are from Klon and Xanax and I hardly can find ones from valium. Although there are multiple success stories from youtube and they are from coming off valium, I did find someone state that valium may be the hardest to heal from. Not sure if im right, maybe because I only used valium and I tend to have negative views about things going my way. Not to scare people who used valium or are using valium to taper off, I just feel like valium may be the worst of them all and Ive been having this feeling for a few months now... Before I always thought that valium is the easiest to deal with out of all benzos. Also, most of the terrifying documentaries about benzos are people taking really high doses of valium.
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I wonder if its because most of our members taper directly from their original benzo plus Valium doesn't seem to be prescribed as much as Xanax and Klonopin.  Most Dr's aren't willing to cross their patients over to Valium, especially in the US, so this might account for fewer Valium success stories here.
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I think each benzo is the worst for those tapering because they have no idea what the others are like.


But I agree with Pam in that Valium doesn't seem to be popular with doctors anymore.


I always thought K was the worst, followed by Ativan, but that's because I was on both of them.

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