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5 Years off


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5 years off now.


Feeling pretty jaded and ripped off to be honest. Got my mind back at 3.5 - 4 years off. 100% mental clarity and definatly myself again unfortunatly on the physical side of things riddled with body pain. Havnt seen any real improvement for the last year, i was working as a tradesman 3 days a week until the pain just got too much, i just couldnt push through anymore and was getting seriously depressed so i expanded my business employed someone to do my work and stepped into a full time management position. Still in pain and struggling, damn i hope this isnt it for me.


Just keep going i guess

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Please keep going, you do hear of people continuing to heal after long amounts of time. This does take a toll on our spirits and patience for sure, but it’s a good time to recognize just how far we’ve come and remember how the body is capable of amazing healing, on its own incongruous nonlinear timeline.

Sorry that your physical symptoms are so bad, but I am very glad to hear you ‘got your mind back’ at 3.5 to 4 years off, because that’s my worst most debilitating symptom. That’s huge because these psych drugs have been so debilitating on my cognition and head pain/discomfort. I’m almost three years off but still keeping hope alive for my brain symptoms to clear up.

Take care

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Lockie, I am glad to see you checking in. I'm sorry the body pain continues to be present. You've certainly made the best of your situation with redesigning your work to fit your ability. As Tater said, hold on, some folks take a long time to heal.


I'm just about 5 years off too and the persistent body pain and neural upset continues. I had surgery (avoided benzos and fluoroquinolone) and the trauma of surgery kicked symptoms into high gear. It's been 8 weeks and they persist. So eager for resolution.


This experience is difficult to describe to those unfamiliar with the syndrome. As sorry as I am you are not well it is reassuring to know we are not alone in this.


Wishing you well,


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Thanks a lot for stepping by and sharing your experience.

I'm really sorry for your physical issues.

I'm 3 years off and still struggling with body aches and body pains.

Good to ear that mental clarity went back around 3,5.

I feel myself on the same road and on the same timing.


Hope you'll find a total recovery soon.


I wish you the best for the future.

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there was interview on mad in America  the women who runs suyrving  antidepressants  it took her 7 years to recover ? I t took matt smatt 7 years as well.


Thanks for mentioning this, I will have to check it out!

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