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New to this forum, hi.


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I've just found this forum and hope it will help me in my struggle with benzos, which has been ongoing for quite some years. Primarily my struggle has been with Xanax.


I got my first panic attack when I was 15 years old, reading aloud in school. Since then I have been suffering from social anxiety....sometimes crippling, especially in terms of work situations.

I approached many doctors about this, was prescribed SSRIs (Not very effective for me), Beta blockers etc .

Then I was prescribed xanax & thought I found the golden solution. My intake was intermittent at first but then of course came the slippery slope.

I've been through 2 inpatient detoxes which were difficult.

But the problem is trying to survive without this awful substance & trusting myself again after so many years of avoiding the 'real' me.


I hope to find some advice & guidance on here & also offer any support I can.

Warm wishes.

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Hello Dublin gal and welcome to BenzoBuddies,


We are so glad you found us!  Yes, I understand what you are saying about living life without benzos.  I also thought I had found the "solution" but benzos quit working for me and once they were out of my life, the issue became learning to life without them.  Dealing with anxiety is a common problem so I'll give you a link to the Anxiety board:




You don't say if you are having any symptoms but I'll also give you a link to the Post-Recover Withdrawl board:


Post-withdrawal Recovery Support


I hope you will take some time to get familiar with BenzoBuddies as we have a lot of helpful information and support here.  When you feel ready, you can begin a thread.


Best and again, a warm welcome to you,



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Dublin gal welcome!


You've come to a good place of support and resources for info. You CAN do this. So many others have and you can too. Choosing to be free is taking control of your life:)



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Welcome Dublin,


That sound very familiar. Unfortunatly Xanax works extremely well at what it does but as you said it is a slipery slope, then Xanax becomes the enemy , creating the very issues we where medicating for. You can strenghen yourself to deal with anxiety without benzos. You found the right place.



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