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Hi - I want to re-introduce myself now that I have my signature.  I now believe that what I thought were on-going B6 toxicity symptoms were truly due to Cold Turkey (not benzo or gabapentin Wise) off Valium, 3,600 mg. of gabapentin and Ambien all at once.  Then I re-instated valium (no ambien) and lower amount of gabapentin (1400 mg) almost a year later.  Then a year after that started a valium taper.  Gabapentin remains at 1400 a day.  [i had been on valium "as needed."  No doctor ever told me not to suddenly stop the benzos or the gabapentin.  No doctor ever tied my symptoms to either of those drugs.]


I'm down to .14 mg. of valium a day now.  Still have feet numbness and sharp pains in feet as well as pelvic pain coming and going that includes deep rectal and vaginal aching at times. Most emotional symptoms greatly improved.


Can a person ever heal from going off both benzos (valium and ambien) and that much gabapentin all at once?  All emotional symptoms much better.  The physical stuff just cycles around.  Feet stuff most consistently a problem.  Pelvic pain most painful.


To recap -

2015: Start Valium "as needed" (5 - 10 mg 2-3x/week - not sure) and Ambien (10 mg 2x/week) and 3600 gabapentin. 

2016: Continue above.

2017: Cold Turkey Valium and Ambien and Gabapentin.  NOT Benzo-Wise (or Gabapentin-wise). HELL.

2018: Reinstate Valium around 8 - 12 mg./day and Reinstate Gabapentin at 1400 mg/day at same time.

2018: Start Oxycontin 60 mg/day due to 10/10 body wide burning 24/7.  It saved my life!

2019:  Start Valium taper.  Gabapentin still at 1400 today.

Valium at .14 mg. today.

Still intend to taper everything else.  Everything!  Next up will be Gabapentin.


Just to further complicate everything - I originally started everything in 2015 because I had cold-turkeyed Gabapentin and had no idea that it could have caused symptoms that grew worse, including severe urethral burning after a UTI.  I could not sit and it felt like I was urinating acid.  I also believe I was Floxed before any of this, but I think I have healed from that - but the Flox stuff is probably why the Gabapentin was prescribed.


Can I emerge victorious even though I unknowingly Kindled and Cold Turkeyed all this garbage?





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You absolutely can heal from all of this and you're on your way if you can already say that your emotional symptoms are much better.  Think about all of the injuries or surgeries you've had during your life and how your amazing body has healed from these, the same body is healing now too.



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