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I would like to express my appreciation to my partner, family and friends. I haven't been able to take care of myself for 53 months. How could I have done this without their help? Housework, paying bills and cooking. I have said thank you, and apologized, so many times. But that's not enough, and I get a bad conscience. What can we do, to show that we are grateful? Thanks!  :)
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What can we do, to show that we are grateful?


I think you just did it. You told us about them here. You wrote something nice about them, even if they'll never read it. Do you know how rare that is ?


It seems more common on this forum to read posts that savage someone who isn't here to defend himself or herself, be it a spouse, a parent, a neighbor, a boss, a colleague - you name it. Someone will post a scathing attack on someone that no one here knows, nor has ever even met, after which we can just sit back and watch while a dozen others join in the attack, with comments like "oh, yes, that's awful, what a horrible person, I had exactly the same experience" and then proceed to attack yet another person who's not here to respond. Attack, defame, and pile on - it gets so old.


But you lifted at least my spirits by actually saying something nice about someone who's not here. And now I wonder how many others will pile on with their own nice comments about people in their lives who have helped and supported them.


I know I could not have made it all these years without the help and support of my family. I repay them the only way I can: by being there for them when they need help and support. And also, by saying nice things instead of nasty things about them, behind their backs.

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What a sweet thing to write, I agree with redevan, you've just shown how much you appreciate them by writing this.  My suggestion to you would be to keep doing as you are, letting them know how grateful you are for them.  Another suggestion would be the kindest and gentlest version of yourself when you're around them, even if you're in pain and wanting to show frustration and anger rather than gratitude and humility. 


You writing this lifts us up, thank you.  :smitten:

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