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Took MDMA two weeks before my Taper - 20 months later seeking advice


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I am seeking advice from those who have knowledge and/or experience using supplements to assist with recovering my brain.  Issues include depression, memory loss, concentration, and the worst would be the lack of a “reward center”. 


My background

I was prescribed Xanax 1mg, taken 4 times a day for 10 years.  In September of 2018 is when I began my taper and by November 2018 I was completely benzo free!  Since then it has been a wave of ups and downs as to be expected.  In April 2019, I was experiencing severe chest pains and dizziness so I went to the ER.  While the staff was preparing me to enter a cat scan for my chest pain, I experienced a gran mal seizure which left me at the hospital for four days of tests and observation.  The chest pain was caused by Pericarditis but they had no clue what the seizure was caused by.  The staff didn’t even want to confirm it was caused by the benzo withdrawals because they felt that if I were to experience a seizure due to withdrawals it would have occurred sooner.  Please keep in mind this is the same staff that did not seem to take me seriously when I told them I was still experiencing some of the effects of withdrawal months after I completed my taper. 


Now what also could have played a role in the seizure may have been the fact that I did take MDMA for the first and only time during August of 2018, two weeks prior to beginning my taper.  I did not know how awful I was going to feel after taking just one dose of MDMA.  So, combine that feeling with the early stages of withdrawal made it kind of difficult to determine what was caused from withdrawal of benzos and what was caused from the MDMA hangover. 


I have come a very long way with how I feel, far better both mentally and physically.  I have been more and more positive about life in general (even during these chaotic times).  I have been eating healthier, going outside more, becoming more comfortable having general conversations with friends and family.  I just know that I still don’t feel the way I know I should.  I know I shouldn’t have so much trouble reading a chapter of a book or even an entire news article.  I would love to find ways to clear this brain fog (some days worse than others). 


I know it was stupid, I know there were probably a lot of risks, I know that I could have done permanent damage, so please understand there is no need to tell me about all of the horrifying things I possibly did to my brain.  I am seeking ways to improve how I feel and how I think. 


Has anyone used any of the supplements below to improve their brain recovery?  Any advice would be much appreciated!




Vitamin B-6

Vitamin B

Vitamin D

Gingko Biloba



Also, any foods to eat or stay away from?


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I'm so sorry to see what happened regarding your seizure and health scares. I'm not a doctor and can't provide you with any medical advice or anything to say for sure, but I can provide some opinions/insight.


You were on a very high dose of Xanax, which leads me to suspect that the seizure may have been a result of withdrawal symptoms. I have used MDMA in the past (prior to being prescribed benzos), and there is indeed a hangover involved because your brain is lacking in serotonin following use. I haven't heard of seizures ever being involved in use from MDMA, however it may have been a result of the stress put on your brain since you were beginning the withdrawal process at around the same time.


In regards to supplements, a lot of that is still unknown territory when it comes to WD. Probiotic use is very common as it helps with GI issues and helps put your digestion in a better place. For any other supplements, this really varies with the user. Some people are too sensitive to supplements and get adverse reactions from taking them, while others see some benefits. It will really come down to a trial and error process to see what works best for you. I personally take Vitamin D and Ashwaghanda and find overall benefits to my health and well being during WD.

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