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"Escaping the Benzo Trap", June 2020, DDN cover article


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Thanks, Terry38!


TBH, I hesitated to post the article.  It seems as though prescription benzo patients are already stigmatized as closet recreational users and have trouble being taken seriously by the medical community.  So I was unsure how the article would be received here.   


At the same time, illicit benzos are often the Real McCoy--not necessarily something cooked up in a basement.  They shouldn't be accessible without a prescription--or even, in my opinion, with a prescription to the extent that they are. 


Benzos are a cruel mistress, whether you're a white collar professional, a high school student or a homeless bag lady.  But as difficult as they are to quit for a person with resources and support, they are that much deadlier for someone who is already barely surviving. 




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