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new plan for K taper / advice needed


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Hello guys ,

Some Klonopin veterans please , help me out .

So last week I was able to get Rivotril (K) in liquid form it comes in a small bottle 1 drop equals to 0.1mg .


I am on 4x0.5mg now , tried  20% reduction so 4x0.4

I gave up after 2 days it was hell .


Anyone here who has experience with rivotril liquid ?

i will try a smaller reduction now maybe just 0.1 mg.


My question here , currently I dose 4 times a day but it does kick in too hard , in the first hour I have to sort a hyperventillate to bear it . So i have huge rollercoasters trough the day .  Do you think its fine if I dose more often but less obviously to avoid this ?  Some who has used K for anxiety rather then sleep issues please let me know .

Thank you in advance .

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Hi Potzz,


I don't know if it's "fine" to dose more often than 4 times daily, but my partner does it.  Says it reduces interdose withdrawal symptoms.  Using tablets makes it inconvenient to deliver 6 identical doses, so his current schedule looks like this: 


Clonazepam--1.75 mg/day split into 6 doses

1 am--0.375 mg

5 am--0.250 mg

9 am--0.250 mg

1 pm--0.375 mg

5 pm--0.250 mg

9 pm--0.250 mg


Taking a liquid would probably make it easier to split the daily dose more evenly.   

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