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Do you keep your benzo dependence a secret?


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I have been taking Ativan everyday for 4 years and my loved ones do not know. They also don't have a concept of benzo's and their withdrawal effects. I have had a few members of my family go to rehab for ONLY drinking (they did not take benzo's). I am worried that if I tell my loved ones what I am going though they will make me go to rehab (which I assume from all of my reading is a terrible idea?). Please weigh in if possible, thanks!
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I want to tell you that no one can make you get treatment you don’t want.  Unless you’re still under 18.


So, affirm to yourself that you are in charge of your taper and your healing. 


I would not tell unsupportive people about this problem.  It’s of no use.  You need support, not judgment.


I rarely speak about this to anyone.  But my adult son and two friends know.  I just don’t need the stress of judge people. 


You’re tapering.  That’s all that matters.

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LetsGetThisDone- Sorry for your dilemma. Echo what Healing64 wrote: Tell no one who won't be helpful. 


If family members have gone to rehab, then the dynamics may already exist where everyone thinks they're an expert or presumes you need an intervention. Detox centers seem to ignore the physiology and treat only the psychology. Rapid alcohol WD can be equally physically dangerous to rapid Benz WD, but Benzos seem to have more complicated sequalae in general.


Unlike the people who drank, you were prescribed this med by a licensed medical person. Evidently they've cont'd to prescribe it over time for a reason. If you're coming to this forum, it seems you want to move off the med.  The taper plan board can give great advice and offer options on how to approach it. I wish I could tell you all will be well, but that's not how it works. You can always ask here.


It might be good to get whoever you find as a trusted person to read some of the forum entries. Another option is to have them watch these YT videos under the heading "Medicating Normal." This is an interview with Stanford psychiatrist Anna Lembke about WD symptoms:


She explains why some people struggle so much and what these symptoms look like. Always good to get info from the objective third party to a well person as it gives perspective.


For you personally, the forum can serve many roles in your recovery. Please avail yourself of the expertise and moral support of others who have experienced all the same things.  It was a life saver for me to be introduced to Dr. Heather Ashton's benzo WD protocol as my MD had no idea. Reading others' experiences reassured me that the symptoms I felt, no matter how weird or intense, were within the range of normal responses. It was very comforting.


I'm grateful to all who've come before me. Best of luck on your journey.



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