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my update! ( and hitting day 700 of taper etc)


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yeah, I finally got my doc back for getting the script,  after I totally freaked out on him earlier via phone call appt

( I had to resort to using illegally procured Klonopin for 30 days, as my Dr, cut me off cold turkey) so yeah, I got

him to realize this is not to be taken lightly,  and now have compounded Klonopin again,  0.1mg/ml  , I take 0.6 mg's

3 times daily,  for a total of 0.18 ( I think that's the correct number), being 0.50 number (0.5mg  was the entire pill )

anyway , it's about 3.8 mgs of valium equivalent left to go... I'm still in great distress, and I'm approaching 2 years

for taper, ( day 705 now)  the physical symptoms are really demented and always there. with long spikes making them worse

my depression is getting worse all the time, as I have no support locally to help me. and I've been struggling the last 2-3 months

I still have no plan on how to taper,  or how long it will take, because I'm stupid, and lack math skills etc, I've been reducing as best I can , I was 0.28 in Feb, now 0.18 now for instance,  I have no idea if it's too fast, every 2 weeks I lower the number by 1 , ( last week it was 0.19 ) so I've dropped it just over 5-6% in one day, a big drop like, because I can't comprehend how to control the math,  maybe someone can help me,  I'm getting desperate for relief, (crying a lot) also my Birthday is tomorrow, and it's gonna suck the bag ,  been 100% alone for 2+ years now,  I have literally no local support, it's been hard, very hard,  okay I'm done now, going to lie down, not well..


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.6mg three times a day equals 1.8mg... it sounds like maybe you’re taking .06mg three times a day.


You’re getting down pretty low if so... you may want to post in Titration for math help to continue lowering your dose.


Happy birthday tomorrow.  Let’s hope next year is a better one for you. I remember a couple of forgettable birthdays.  :P

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Thanks Challis99,, I'm really trying, this Covid19 thing isn't helping either, I lost all my local support

services, it's been very challenging , getting groceries , stuff like that.. yes 0.6mg's 3 times

daily currently, I forget to mention, that I started taper at 2 mg's of Klonopin, ( which is approx 40 mg's

of Valium as you know) so It's getting there,  it's just the relentless physical

symptoms, Agoraphobia, Anxiety etc and utter loneliness that's hard, yes I'll post in titration section

later today,  ( really hoping I can get help with a compounded plan, now that I have this

pharmacy made solution, but I'm lost, and would like to do micro taper with the 0.1mg/ml with it!




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You are taking 1.8 mgs  divided by 3 doses.  That’s a pretty high dose.  You need to taper no more than 10% each 10 days.  You need to go down easy.  No rush. 


A compounded prescription in a liquid form will make this possible.  You need the pharmacy to write these amounts on the bottle.  They can say how many ml equals the dose, next dose down etc.  Then you don’t have to do math. 


Please don’t buy street drugs.  They are not accurate in dose and also, often have other drugs in them. 


It’s good you are getting it under control and decided to taper. 


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no, it's not 1.8 mgs  it's 10 times less than that, ( I have the number wrong maybe lol, but I think it's .06mg per dose ,

3 doses a day,  I started this taper 23 months ago, 

my math is terrible, so is my eyesight, but I'm at whatever 3.8 mg's of Valium is,  ( I started at the equiv of 40 mgs of valium

or, 2.0 mgs of Klonopin in 2018,  if you take one  0.5 mg pill of Klonopin,  I'm down to 1/3 of it remaining or so,  I started

tapering the last 0.5mg pill of Klonopin on June 24th , almost a year ago... been going as slow as I can.. and still suffering,  the illegal Klonopin I bought awhile back, wasn't street drugs, it was from a 65+ year old woman, who answered my online ad, they were from a pharmacy, and she had no use for them, and she took pity on me, as she knew it was bad news to get off of, ( my doc had cut me off cold turkey, and communication was poor due to Covid)  so I had no choice, I've now gotten him to come around with the script, thankfully, and now have my compounding Klono  ( the  month or so I used the bought pills, my body didn't even notice really..

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