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Re: valium withdrawal


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just a little update on my withdrawal from the diazepam it is day 3 since I dropped to my target of 2ml it has been a long slow steady drop from 15 ml to now 2ml but as I explained my real battle was coming from 10ml to Where I am at which is 2ml and i will sit there for it might be 2 months or 3 months I Am just so happy to be at this stage today is a strange day feeling a bit not with it also my head is telling me it is time for my 2 ml i try i keep busy and last as long as I Can without too much discomfort it is just the ringing in my ears is increasing but i keep in mind through my withdrawal saying it is nothing you can't handle i have to keep a positive handle on myself i have been writing for the last 3 days about this hoping it might help someone some of the  effects i had was the burning sensations in parts of my face and i found this little trick i don't know-how but i kept lady's body cream in the fridge and would put that on the areas and it did help

i also take different tablets IE like herbs tablets just what other people recommend i don't know how well they work but i have read other peoples stories and most say about the same tablets so i went along with what they recommend also there would be no long-term effects and i don't want to be swapping one for the other the feeling in my head is very intense today and would not like to be at work or dealing with people but it might be a help in distracting me i have said in my other post about the drop and i found the last ml i dropped quite intense some days and it was also when i decided to settle on the last 2 ml as i do not want to push to much i have been dropping a ml and resting for about 2 weeks and it seem to suit me also as they say everyone is differant  it was the water method that works best for me and i felt in better control and before i started on this journey i read everything on this site  that would relate to me and watched youtube vidoes everything to get me ready alyway sticking to the positive stuff because as i said before i myself need to believe i can do this and have the iron will and want to succed  i know this is a bit jumbled but im trying to get across my bit and also express myself and hope it may be of some benefit  stick with the winners folks



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