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Daily Liquid Tiration Progress and Support and thoughts on Symptoms


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Hi All,


I am on day 16 and am at 3.867mg from 4 mg daily and I am doing a daily micro taper with the Gemini scale. Overall, I have had two anxiety "episodes" and I was able to talk myself down. Which gives me confidence. However, these are my main symptoms, they are manageable but wanted to get everyone's thoughts.


Symptoms: A little off from a balancing perspective, dry mouth, and mild headache, sometimes I feel mild shakiness, but it feels like it is not real. Lastly, sometimes I feel depersonalization. I have not cut much, so I feel like it might be me worrying about the process or hypersensitivity.  Thoughts?


My questions are, when should someone hold, should they continue if they have manageable symptoms, or are you supposed to wait till you are 100%. My plan, for now, is to continue, but I want to make sure I am not overdoing it.





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Excellent questions, and you're so wise to acknowledge your symptoms so they can guide your taper, just what we like to see!  :thumbsup: Worrying about this process is how it works, we're constantly assessing how we feel and it's usually bad so we spend a lot of time thinking about how bad we feel. 


It appears to me that your symptoms are fairly manageable at this point so I would continue as you've been doing, feeling 100% isn't likely to happen until you're well off the drug and recovered from it's effects. 


I think you'll know when it's time to hold, your body will let you know.  You won't be left wondering should I or shouldn't I, benzo withdrawal isn't subtle, it lets you know when you've cut too much.  The problem I see most often is members not listening to what their body is telling them, I don't see that in you.  :)



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