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Xanax + Xanax SR withdrawing.


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Hi everyone,


I will try to make it short. After many years of addiction to alprazolam /xanax/, I had opportunity to spend some time in mental health hospital and another similar institution and lower my huge dose. I have huge anxiety /GAD/ from childhood and few other issues /dissociation, panic attacks, etc/ as well. This is why I started xanax many years ago.


Anyhow. I was at 2 mg of Xanax SR + 4 mg of regular Xanax daily this time last year. After four months in institutions I was able to cut my dose to 1mg of Xanax SR and 1 mg of Xanax daily. I would like to get rid of this completely and I am looking for some tips how would be best to do it, especially since Xanax SR is quite different in many ways than regular Xanax.


My current daily dose goes like this:


morning /cca 8.00 - 9.00/: I have antidepressant /Brintellix/ and 0.5 mg Xanax SR and 0.5 of Xanax

night /cca 19.00-20.00/: I have 0.5 Xanax SR and 0.5 of Xanax

before sleep /cca 22.30/: I have 50 mg of quetiapin/derin to help me fall asleep /and it works greatly/. I did took Xanax mostly at night, so...



My main question is what approach would you suggest next. Start cuttin regular xanax before SR or otherwise? How much? How quickly? I know there is lot of different approaches and everybody is different etc. but I will be glad for every support. I am comunnicating with my psychiatrist about this but I quess you know how this works...


I would especially be glad for advice if it is better to continue with SR or regular Xanax withdraw. I am thinkin 0.25 mg cut next, I am just wondering where.


Thanks everybody and take care!

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I'm also on xanax and I found .25 cuts to be tough. I'm now doing half that which is .125. Just too many side effects from doing the larger cuts.
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