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Woke up and benzo terror/panic/tinnitus/pain was gone.


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I had just posted yesterday about how I decided I was going to stop taking my barbituate because I felt like it was contributing to benzo withdrawal or holding me back on progress healing. So I had a really hard time yesterday, I had to deal with both withdrawal at the same time, and last night I kept waking up in the middle of the night feeling like I was choking and coughing and having really extreme dreams.


And then I drank some water and went back to sleep until about 7. And then I woke up and all I did was open my eyes and I didn't have that really warm Panic anxiety feeling in me like normal, and I didn't have the terror and extreme ringing in my ears, everything wasn't all blurry and I didn't feel like I was dying for once. I just thought I was having a dream or that I was half awake and that I tried to go back to sleep.


So then I just kept lying there and nothing was happening and I didn't feel like I was asleep or tired or even going to sleep. So then I opened my eyes again and realized I just wasn't having physical symptoms anymore. I mean I still have a little bit of leg burning and some bad anxiety, but not the extreme Terror. And it's not a panic feeling, it's just a really bad anxiety feeling. So I don't feel like I'm dying, I just feel like I have really bad anxiety and my hands have lots of Tremors.


So I'm thinking what I'm experiencing right now might be the barbiturate withdrawal. I was taking it for tremor and I'm sure it probably does the opposite upon withdrawal. So right now I have some pretty bad anxiety and Tremors but I'm thinking maybe the benzo withdrawal is done with. Maybe I'm just having a window or maybe it's done.


This is the first time I've ever woken up and not had symptoms from benzo withdrawal. I'm almost at 10 months, on the 14th. So I will give it a few days and see if maybe this is just a window and not over, but I'm hoping it's over. And then I just have a little bit of barbiturate withdrawal to get through as well. And then I will be completely fine.


Oh yeah, I will still have to work on my anxiety though. I still have my underlining anxiety problem and that has to be dealt with. I have not gone outside yet so I will post progress.

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It 's great to see how positive you are through all of this Justin


What a feeling it must have been, not to have woken with the morning terror that so many of us are familiar with, and the intense tinnitus


Yes there is  a difference between that and anxiety. 


I know how to live with being anxious when in a situation that warrants it  , but the daily waking kind that for me lasts all day is a different breed


I do hope it has now gone for you for good,,  but I can see that you also accept it might be window, and you are waiting before you say for certain


I wish I could bottle you acceptance of this  journey and belief in your healing, I could certainly use it at this point,


I am really glad that you are seeing progress,




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Thanks guys. Most of my terror is gone, now it is mostly extreme anxiety. So for all I know the benzo withdrawal could be gone and I'm just experiencing barbiturate withdrawal. I don't really know anymore which is why I got off of them. I didn't want to be guessing every day.


I was taking primidone, which has phenobarbital as a metabolite. I was taking 150 mg per day and I stopped abruptly. But I'm fine, just lots of anxiety and stuff like that. Hopefully I will be better in the next couple months completely, it's hard to say.

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