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Switching Benzo's


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Hi there,


I've been using the traditional white 2mg Xanax bars for just over a year now. I got started on them after I developed anxiety attacks after my mother got diagnosed with a highly progressive form of cancer. She was given 2 months to live. She died 7 weeks from diagnosis. It absolutely broke me and I continued to use Xanax daily just to get through my days and not want to kill myself. I was still trying to hold down my day job and part time night job and everything else I have going on in my life. I also had to deal with all the admin of someone passing alone, and Xanax at the time was the only thing that could help me get through my days and "keep my head straight".


I'ts been almost a year since my mother passed and I've been using Xanax ever since. My usage first started out at .25mg and eventually went up to using 4mg, maybe sometimes 5mg a day. But I did manage to get to a point where I've been disciplined enough to taper down my usage over time and am now using 2.5mg a day quite comfortably. With the odd withdrawal symptoms hitting me hard some mornings. I've subsequently been seeing a clinical psychologist to help me deal and face my trauma of the experience I had, helplessly watching the most important person in my life die in front of my eyes.


But anyway, I've been very adamant about getting off of using benzo's. Like I've mentioned I've been disciplined with my tapering down. Ive changed up my diet and exercise regularly and really doing everything I can do get better and not be dependent and taking benzo's. I dont want to anymore.

In my country, Xanax is illegal so I've been getting them from underground dealers here. But with the Covid-19 situation and my country having one of the strictest lockdown's in the world put in place, it's been hard to get Xanax. So i've just recently managed to get another benzo called "Mylan Alprazolam" through another dealer. Its the 1mg blue oval tabs.


I'm about to start using them cause I'm almost on my last few Xanax bars. My question to the community is - From what I could gather doing my own research, Xanax and this Mylan Alprazolam are basically the same thing. But I'm hesitant to take it because I'm used to the normal Xanax bars we all know. Is it safe to move from one benzo to another?


Thank you,


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Hello Calel and welcome to BenzoBuddies,


I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mother and the impact that has had on your life.  Grief is one of the toughest things to get through.  I do admire your commitment to getting free of benzos and applaud the progress you've made thus far.  Not as easy task!


I cannot comment on your question of switching from the Xanax you've been using to Mylan Alprazolam as I don't know the answer but perhaps someone on this site has some ideas on the subject.  I've put a link below to our taper planning board that you may find helpful:


Planning Your Withdrawal (Taper Plans)


There is a wealth of information on this website and the members are kind and supportive.  We look forward to hearing more from you and hope you will find the support and answers you are seeking.






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Welcome to Benzobuddies!

As long as you do not switch the type of benzodiazepine you take (from valium to alprazolam, or from clonazepam to lorazepam) you should not have much  trouble with the change. Basically you are switching manufacturer or the shape of your medication, but you are taking the same prescription and same amount perhaps in a different form (not bar but pill form, some take them in liquid form). Sometimes pharmacies change manufacturers where they get their medication from and the pills may look different even if they have the same ingredient. Some people feel the change because even if the active ingredients are the same some of the added products might effect absorption. Very understandable if you are used to bars pills may look strange and you do not trust them but they should be working properly. Reliable source of your prescription the only way to make sure your medication is up to standards.


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Alprazolam is the generic form of Xanax.  It never bothered me if the pharmacist switched from one to the other.  I think the bigger concern is the safety of buying street drugs...no judgment here, just factual. 


Congrats on bringing your use down to 2.5mg. I also used Xanax when my mother died, as yours, in a tragic and traumatic way.  Xanax got me through the worst of it then I tapered off. It served its purpose for me, but became problematic in that it needed to continually be increased in order to avoid withdrawal.


We’re here to help.  :smitten:

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Thank you so much for the support and kind words Kate08, Sherpa & Challis99.


My mind has definitely been put more at ease about switching thanks to your advice and knowledge. Thanks goodness for this platform and that I found it.


Sending much love,


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