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Currently ‘Clean’ But looking For Support


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Hello all,


I’m joining this community because I have a history of Benzodiazepine abuse and I’m looking for support. I’m currently not using them but the temptation is always there.


I took Diazepam for a period of two years at doses from 10-40mg a night to cope with Insomnia that was started because of anxiety. My brother was sick, my Grandad was dying and I had just started a new job that I realised had been a career mistake.


It’s been five years since I started struggling with my use and in that time I’ve also used several different types of Benzodiazepines: Xanax, Clonazepam, Etizolam, Lorazepam, Bromazepam etc


Whilst Benzodiazepines where fantastic for my sleep they made me feel very groggy and anxious the following day and this eventually lead me to using other substances during the daytime to try to manage my anxiety. This included more Benzodiazepines but also 1,4 BDO, a GHB derivative.


I’ve been clean from all substances for about 3 months with the help of a therapist.


However, I’m not working at the moment and whenever I try to do that, I often end up relapsing.


So I’m hoping to join this community to see what has helped other people stay off Benzo’s and see if I can provide any support for anyone else going through something similar.


Thank you very much.

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Hello ShamonUK and welcome to BenzoBuddies,


Congratulations on getting off all benzos!  As you've learned, the journey does not end once you've gotten off benzos but you have a good beginning.  Good to hear you have the help of a therapist.  I've put a link below to the post-recovery withdrawl forum where you can post when you feel ready:


Post-withdrawal Recovery Support


There is a wealth on information on this website so feel free to look around and become familiar with it.  The members are kind and supportive.  I hope you find the support you are looking for!





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Welcome to BenzoBuddies!

It is great that you realized you need to stay away from benzodiazepines and you are getting prepared to fight off the need for returning to them. The good news that you have been clean for 3 months now and determined to remain free. It is certainly not easy since they seem to provide instant relief for many health problems. Unfortunately as you know you might develop dependence, tolerance, might need to increase your dosage and they come with side effects, paradoxical effects and other unintended problems. So many people struggle to get off of them.

There is link below to the Ashton Manual which explains a lot about benzodiazepines. It really is an eye opener and I wish I would have known about it and would have red it before I was put on Clonazepam as a teenager. I would not be on this forum, many years later struggling with withdrawal.


Ashton Manual


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