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I Need Help ~ Crossing Over From Clonazepam Back To Alprazolam ~ Tolerance


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Nausea has been my nemesis since before my benzo taper began in August, 2018.  I’m off alprazolam more than 6 months. I’ve been tapering clonazepam 1mg since the end of October, 2019.  It’s been a bit of a rapid taper since I’ve been so sick while on it.


I’ve had minimal sleep with overwhelming, relentless nausea. Days and nights have become absolutely unbearable. Today is no different. 


I was so desperate, in addition to my morning DLMT dose, I took a tiny piece of a clonazepam tab as a rescue dose trying to stabilize about 2 hours later. It didn’t help.  I may have to stabilize at a higher dose. I’m not sure what to do.  I’m so sick. I’m beside myself.  I took Zofran (nausea med) which does nothing but give me a headache on top of the nausea.


It sounds counterintuitive, but I’m thinking of crossing over to alprazolam.  I never felt this horrific tapering that. I never found clonazepam to be “longer acting”.  I need to make a change. I just don’t know what to do. I can’t take much more. 


The psych nurse will not prescribe benzos. I have enough alprazolam and clonazepam left over to complete a taper.


I believe I’m tolerant.  Does it apply to all benzos? 


Any suggestions, comments?








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I commented on your other thread about switching between benzos.  I think it’s a better idea to explore other options first.  A short acting benzo will not be any easier, and may not be what it used to be for you.  Caution. 

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