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Almost one year off valium


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Hello Hopexo, Welcome to BenzoBuddies!


Well, we need to celebrate your freedom, don't we?  We're glad you found us, how are you feeling now?  I still had symptoms at a year out, I hope you're doing well.


We'd love to hear your story, perhaps you could post on the Benzo-free Celebrations board, or if you're still experiencing symptoms you could post on the Post-withdrawal Recovery Support  board. 


Let us know if we can help you and again, welcome.



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Hello Hopexo,


Way to go getting off benzos and sleeping aids!  That is huge and something to feel good about :-)  Like Pamster, I would love to see your story on the Benzo-free Celebrations forum. 


I do hope you are doing well.  Best to you,


Kate  :smitten:

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Hey 😊 next Monday I am one year off Valium , Zanex and sleeping tablets !! What a year !!

Welcome to BenzoBuddies Hopexo!

Great to hear about your anniversary, thank you for sharing the good news with us! We need to hear all the good things to be able to handle the negative experiences!

Looking forward to hear the details of your story!

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