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Have been off Lorazepam for 3 months but I remain in need of intelligent support. I have never been so afraid in my life. Finding support from family, friends is difficult as they cannot possibly understand the condition. Many don't believe the withdrawal duration can be so long.  I know people here get it, and thats is why I am here, to learn and recover.
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Hello SaintFrancis,


Welcome to Benzo Buddies and congratulations on being benzo free! Small consolation when you are feeling really rough, but every day off benzos is a day closer to recovery.


You are still very early off lorazepam.  This is the period of time when the symptoms can be the strongest.  At 3 months off I was still in the thick of things and yes, I was afraid. I was afraid that this was my new normal, but it wasn't. With time I did recover.


It's hard to make people understand how much of an impact benzo withdrawal has on the human body. Only those who have gone through the process really understand. That is the beauty of this forum , we get it. We'll be happy to support and encourage you as you heal.


You know, fear is a big withdrawal symptom.  Most of us have experienced this to some degree. As with all symptoms, it's best to try to distract from them.


Did you taper off the lorazepam or did you stop suddenly, cold turkey?


I'll give you  a link to the Post Withdrawal Recovery Board where you can post and receive feedback from others. 


I'll also provide a link to a very informative piece about what is happening in your brain, written by one of our former members.  Perhaps this might explain more about this process to your friends and family.


We're here for you so please let us know how we can help.


Post-withdrawal Recovery Support


What's happening inside your brain


pianogirl  :)



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Welcome SaintFrancis! So glad you found us!


Lots of good support here - and we "get it". Many find it frustrating when trying to explain the situation or get validation from loved ones, family, and even medical providers. It's ok. Put your energy into yourself and healing:)



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