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Benzo withdrawal


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Hello Im a 32 yr old female who was taking xanax .5 once or twice a day for about 2 yrs. I started taking xanax for anxiety for me sleep was never a issue until I suddenly just decided to stop taking xanax and on came the load of symptoms. I pretty much went cold turkey clueless that I needed to taper when I stopped I noticed overwhelming feelings of anxiety I started having major panic attacks I've always had anxiety but never to the point that I'd have panic attacks. Insomnia was a big one I wasnt sleeping at all I was extremely stressed out and worried because I  had no idea what was going on with me. While I was having anxiety and panic attacks I was taking xanax for about another week but I noticed it was not doing anything to make me feel better and it definietly was not helping with my sleep. So once again I just stopped taking them. Finally after a month I googled about benzo withdrawals because that was the only thing I was taking that I could think of that maybe was the cause of all my symptoms. I then went on youtube found so many stories about benzo withdrawal and I felt like I could relate sooo much and I knew I was screwed the day I took that 1st xanax but at least I finally knew what was going on. I honestly did not think things would get any better for me I was very depressed always crying I was just scared. I took my last xanax in January 2020 I have noticed slow progress but I think right now my biggest symptom that I wish I didnt have is insomnia I pray my sleep comes back to me I have other symptoms still but sleep is what I really miss I cannot function without at least 5-6 hrs of sleep right now on a good day I can get 2 hrs of sleep compared to before it was zero. Im so glad I discovered benzo buddies because now I feel like I have people I can relate with I feel like some people look at me like Im full of crap when I explain benzo withdrawal and how long it can take to heal God Bless you all during these tough times.



Some of my beginning symptoms

Racing heart

Adrenaline rush when trying to sleep


Panic attacks

Crying spells still have these

Depression I feel like Im a lot better since now I know theres hope.

Muscle tightness especially my upper back and neck

Body Twitching

Brain zaps

Racing thoughts

Stomach issues

Insomnia still have that

It was hell I pretty much thought I was loosing my mind Im sure Im probably leaving some other symptoms out wish I would of wrote them down .

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Hello Amyw88, Welcome to BenzoBuddies!


I'm so sorry to hear you've had to do this alone, it was the same way for me, I quit cold turkey and didn't find this place until 5 months later.  Insomnia is tough, it's so common, it makes you wonder how your body can ever heal when we don't get enough sleep to even function.  My sleep came back when I recovered from this nightmare so I hope yours will too. 


If you'd like to connect with other members who understand what you're going through, feel free to post on the Post-withdrawal Recovery Support.


It sounds like your symptoms are straight out of chapter 3 of  The Ashton Manual, I'm sure you'll find the symptoms you didn't write down there.


We're glad you found us, let us know how we can help you.



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