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Years off valium, is this a wave or natural symptom?


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Hi folks,


For the most part - my withdrawal syndrome is gone. But occasionally I get funny symptoms, I got a set of them today and I thought I better check in.


So I am working on weight loss, calorie restriction diet and exercise. Today I really upped the ante, and I forgot that I do still get some weird symptoms when exercising, but did a pretty heavy routine anyway and I didn't eat much afterwards.


So a couple of hours later I drove to the supermarket, got out of my car and started walking to the shop, suddenly I felt like I wasn't walking but almost floating and feeling vague - I noticed it and freaked out, and snapped out of it. So it occurred again 2 minutes later again, felt like I wasn't walking but floating - my mind felt really detached, like you get when you wake up wrong. I noticed it and this time had a proper panic, I felt my heart race and it didn't come back although I still feel a little vague and quite anxious - anticipatory anxiety.


So I really can't tell, does this sound like a wave from exercising? Or maybe I exercised too hard and didn't eat enough? Thanks in advance. 

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Hi Matt,


First of all, I'm so glad that you're mostly healed!  To respond to your questions - I think it's totally conceivable that you may have pushed your CNS too hard with a heavy exercise routine and perhaps got lightheaded from low blood sugar.  The episode sounds like DP that can be a withdrawal symptom.  It's a very unsettling experience and it's no wonder it raised your anxiety.  As you say, you upped the ante and I think your suspicions are right - it seems like your body is telling you to ease up with the intensity of your exercise and to give it the fuel it needs.  I guess the message is, even a few years out, we need to be kind and gentle with ourselves.


Take care,


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