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Brain fog, memory, and depression getting worse?


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I want to see a neurologist as I’m having a hard time believing I don’t have permanent damage.


I found the best one in town and she’s taking virtual meetings until May 12th. Should I wait or do a virtual meeting?


Is it possible for these to get worse before they get better?


I seem to get more and more foggy each day and waking up more and more confused each morning. The first 5 minutes I wake up I’m totally confused, and seems to get worse daily.


Is there something leaking or wrong in my brain? Low blood flow? Anything I should seriously be worried about?


Also my short term memory is getting extremely bad. I keep forgetting about weekly tasks and daily tasks.


Does it just keep getting worse or is something else happening?


I’m getting very scared and not sure who to talk to or see.


I’m in a very important dream job and I’m scared I will lose it all.

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