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Worse since covid?


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Has anyone else got much worse since WFH and covid?


Driving to work and being at work was really helping me and now I’ve hit the worst spiral of my life. 


Waking up extremely anxious. Not getting dressed. Not showering daily. Not exercising frequently. Super depressed. Nervous to leave the house. Struggling with work. My house is a disaster and keeps getting worse.


Is this a real setback in healing?

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Hi Retrogamer,


Absolutely! It's much harder to cope with withdrawal under the extremely altered conditions we're under with the current crisis.


Structure each day is really important to helping us feel grounded - we truly need consistency and predictability especially at a time like this.  Work gives that to many of us.  In other words what you're feeling comes from the loss of this structure and isn't a real setback in healing.    But, the loss of structure is a perfect set up for falling into a negative spiral.


So the challenge now is to create a structure and routines for yourself each day - however detailed you want it, whatever works for you.  But basically, it helps to make a pact with yourself that you're going to follow a schedule you've planned in advance.  Something like, I will get dressed everyday; eat a healthy breakfast, lunch dinner; watch/read news a limited amount of time each day; work at certain scheduled hours with scheduled breaks; shower every other day; alternate cardio days with strength training etc. (there are great youtube exercise sessions). 


You get the idea - Seriously though, this will help!


Take care,


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