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Hey! Long time benzo user finally deciding to initiate a taper so I can get off this junk...tired of the neverending judgment and dismissiveness of friends, family, and the medical community. With many failed cold turkey attempts, I’m ready to accept that this will be a long process and look forward to having the help of the Benzobuddies community to provide their own experiences and any helpful tips to make things more bearable. Currently on 2-4mgs of Klonopin day and thinking of using the Ashton method to finally get rid of this monster of a drug. So glad to know that I’m not alone
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Hello VelvetBean3400,


Welcome to Benzo Buddies! There are a lot of reasons to stop taking benzos, I'm glad you've decided to take a step forward towards a sensible slow taper. Cold turkey is not the best way to go about this process, I see you've had a couple of attempts at that. Klonopin is a very strong benzo and going cold turkey can be brutal.


I see you are taking between 2-4 mg of klonopin per day. It would be best to stabilize on one steady dose. It's very confusing for the central nervous system to have to adjust to dose changes from the taper as well as inconsistent daily dosing.  Can you find a dose that works?


Generally a reduction of no more than 5-10% every 10-14 days is suggested.  This can help to minimize withdrawal symptoms.  I'll give you a link to the Planning Your Withdrawal Board for additional information.


I see you are familiar with the Ashton Method of tapering. I'll provide you a link to the manual, there is a lot of good information there about benzos, tapering and withdrawal. 


It's important to listen to your body and adjust the taper rate if necessary. Benzo withdrawal is not a race, slow and steady is the way to go.


No, you are not alone. We understand the process and will offer support and our collective experience to help you be successful in your efforts to be benzo free. Please ask questions, we're here to help.


Planning Your Withdrawal (Taper Plans)


The Ashton Manual


pianogirl  :)

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