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Study, Mar/20: What do primary care physicians think about deprescription?


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"What do primary care physicians think about deprescription?"








To learn about the perceptions and attitudes of family doctors regarding deprescription.




This is a cross-sectional study conducted at the Organización Sanitaria Integrada Bidasoa, Osakidetza. In November 2018, sessions were held at health centres on deprescribing for family doctors, following which the PACPD-12 questionnaire was handed out, translated into Spanish and adapted. The responses to the questionnaire were collected, together with the socio-demographic variables.




Forty-two of the 58 doctors who received the survey responded (72%). One hundred percent considered deprescription beneficial in the current scenario. The drug groups that they most frequently considered deprescribing were the benzodiazepines, bisphosphonates and proton pump inhibitors. The main reasons they gave for deprescribing were to reduce harm from adverse effects and that the medication was of minimal benefit in the patient's circumstances, and they indicated that specific training in deprescribing and pharmacist alerts in the clinical history would facilitate deprescription. Barriers highlighted were lack of time, prescribing by other professionals, or resistance on the part of the patient or their family.




Knowing what doctors think about deprescribing and its barriers and facilitators are necessary to plan a strategy to facilitate the practice. Although all the respondents indicated that they consider deprescription beneficial, they found barriers in their daily practice to their being able to implement it.

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