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Antivan Taper


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Hello. I am currently dry micro tapering from 1mg Antivan, 7 years use. I know it will be difficult but I am excited to be free. Wishing you all the best.
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Hi BDub-


Welcome to BenzoBuddies!  Congratulations on starting to taper off Ativan - we're glad you're here.  You'll find loads of good information and support from other members who understand what you're going through. 


It's good you're prepared for a challenge - your excitement to be free will help motivate you and keep your eye on the prize!


Here are some links to Boards you may want to start with.

You sound like you have a good idea about how to taper and you'll find helpful information to support your plan here:

Planning Your Withdrawal (Taper Plans)

For support as you taper: Withdrawal Support (during your taper)

The Ashton Manual is a great resource written by one of the foremost researchers on benzo withdrawal, Dr. Heather Ashton:  The Ashton Manual


Other members replying to your posts generally prefer to know where you are in the process, so here’s how to add your benzodiazepine information automatically to your posts: go to Profile, then Forum Profile, write your pertinent info (benzodiazepine, dose, taper history) in the text box and save. Thanks! Let us know if you need help with this.


We're glad you found us!

Brighterday  :)

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