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Solution with alcohol and clonazepam


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A friend of mine

Makes a mixture of  clonazepam and vodka (solution)


He says it works fine and he is using this for a year now

Point is  that I read you are not allowed to  drink alcohol.

So how can you use this  solution as there is alcohol in it ?

I heard alcohol it the only thing that can dissolve a benzo tablet

So other solutions or compounds must use alcohol ?



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If you're worried about consuming the alcohol which would be highly diluted and most members report not having a problem with there are other mediums you can use, here is a link giving you those options.  http://www.benzobuddies.org/forum/index.php?topic=231363.0


Will your Dr prescribe a liquid form of your drug for you or perhaps give you a prescription you can take to a compounding pharmacy?

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