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13 months off Rivotril/Klonopin


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Have been on Rivotril 0.5mg for 10 years. Did a slow taper in 2018 for a year until March 2019. Am now 13 months off Rivotril and really battling with insomnia, terrible night sweats, crippling anxiety, food sensitivities etc.
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Hello Iambrave,


Welcome to Benzo Buddies and congratulations on being benzo free!  I realize that 13 months is a good amount of time off benzos but many people, including myself, were not recovered by that point.  Sometimes it takes longer than we wish for the nervous system to find balance again. I'm glad you are here, you'll find others you can relate to. It really helps to know you are not alone.


Your symptoms are common for withdrawal, and no, they are not pleasant.  I'll give you a link to the Post Withdrawal Recovery Board where you can post and receive feedback from members.


I'll also give you a link to a very informative paper about what is happening in your brain during withdrawal and recovery.  Knowing about this process can help make it more tolerable.


We'll be happy to support and encourage you as you recover, please ask questions and let us know how we can help.


Post-withdrawal Recovery Support 


What's happening inside your brain


pianogirl  :)


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