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Brain injury compensation


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So I don't really have any Specific Instructions, but what I have done is contact the State Bar and tell them I have a brain injury backed by my doctor, and they referred me to a local attorney. I'm sure you could probably Google your own like I was before, but it doesn't really make a difference. All that matters is you go to your doctor and get them to back you up about your glutamate and Gaba being out of whack because of the medication and not knowing how long it's going to last, which means it's a brain injury. And then, all of the symptoms and suffering on top, makes it even more so of a brain injury. It's not permanent, it's temporary. But you can request compensation for everything. That's what the attorney is for. So don't make anything up, just be honest with your doctor and your lawyer and get the compensation you deserve. What I was told by mine, is that the auto insurance has to get sued and pay out when there's a car accident. They said it's similar to that, except for I was injured because of a medication accident. It's really not difficult to do, it's only one phone call and one doctor's visit. Hopefully it goes well. There's nothing to lose.
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