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Feel almost 70-80% improved except new symptom


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For over a month (almost two) I’ve been feeling so much better! I’d say ~80% and sometimes I have days where I feel completely normal!! I do get days where symptoms recur (muscle tightness/spasms, insomnia, adrenaline rushes) but those are mild and tend to last no more than 2-3 days. But in the past month or two I started getting nighttime arm numbness and weakness (sometimes both arms and sometimes one at a time). It gets a bit better when I change positions (but sometimes not), but the worry over it is starting to keep me up at night. I saw chiropractor and physio+neurologist(who is the same person) about it. Chiro just keeps cracking my neck and neurologist thinks it’s TMJ, although not much has changed with my TMJ issues lately - I tried changing up dental appliances without much improvement. The usual panicker in me is starting to freak out thinking it may be a spinal tumor(though I had MRI 1.5 years ago when all my klonopin interdose WD started and it was clear, but now I’m scared that something might have changed). I had similar night time numbness over a year ago too(when I was still taking klonopin sporadically), but am worried that this might not be related to WD. Has anyone else had issues with nighttime arm numbness? Could this be WD still or should I purse further testing? I’m really scared. I really hope to hear from someone with similar symptoms!! Thank you!!!
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