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Success During COVID 19?


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A lot of people that heal, don't come back and write a success story.  I think if anything, more success stories would be written now as more people are at home and have free time on their hands? Also, this topic will get moved off of this part of the forum as it is not a success story.
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I can see why many would not write a success story. once you feel better you may want to distance yourself from all the past negativity and pain you endured. I turned a corner after 2 months and I needed a break from the forum..I will come back and write a success story when I'm sure it's not temporary.  I don't want to jinx it lol.


I'm poping in here and there to offer advise but for the most part I'm staying away for my mental well being. I read my diary I started through this and it was quite confronting .

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