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After approximately 16 yrs of benzo dependency that started with Ativan (then moved onto Imovane, and currently Valium (8 yrs), I am down to 1.25 mg from 7-5-10 mg per day). I’ve been a benzobuddies member for 7-8 yrs? I think but I never posted because I never saw much fwd mvmt. I never thought an easy ween was possible but this is easy. A year ago I discovered Medical Medium (for shingles and chronic insomnia). I began Anthony William’s protocol and it’s been life changing. I thought it would get really tough near the end but it’s not, because in part, I’m ready (faced my internal difficulties), and my body is supported by the nutrition I so desperately needed. Even my sleep’s not bad. I will update when I’m fully off the Valium.
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