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Hi all



I am now 6 mo off of benzos  .25 xanax for 3 years, then switched to .25 klonopin for 1.5 years

nearly 5 years total


It has been rough


I have been dealing with a number of mental and physical symptoms, until about mo 5 I was much more managable


After I started playing with some supplements and took a rescue dose of .25 xanax The last 5 weeks have been total hell


The muscle tension in my head, jaw  and face is unreal, as well as my stomach and abdomen, I feel like I cant breathe, with horrible bloating


awful anxiety, agitation and boatyness


who has had similiar issues and did they improve or resolve?


Thank you


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Hi the daydreamer,


Congratulations first of all on being off benzos for 6 months.  Sorry you're suffering with symptoms - it's frustrating to have come so far and be struggling but it isn't unusual I'm sorry to say.  It can take many months of stops and starts.


I hear you about muscle tension in your head, jaw and face - I've struggled with those too as well as the awful anxiety, agitation and boaty feeling you describe.  Muscle tension of all types is very common in withdrawal as I'm sure you know.  Many people, myself included, find very warm baths soothing - I put about 2 cups of Epsom salts and a few drops of essential oil (I use lavender) and soak for 20 minutes while listening to calming music.  For anxiety and agitation - avoiding caffeine, minimizing sugar and trying to get some exercise everyday is helpful.  Getting as much rest as you can may help with the boaty feeling - hopefully others can offer ideas on that.  My own symptoms have definitely eased up over the past several months.


I'm really sorry you're suffering and I hope you have a good window soon.  With time, distraction and self care you will continue to heal.  I wish you much healing!


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