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Cortisol question


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After we jump, is our cortisol trying to rebalance itself?

Since I’ve jumped my body has been getting stimulated right before bed and then last night it stopped after a week, and now this morning I’m so stimulated I can’t sit still.

It’s like my cortisol is all off. Trying to figure out the right rhythm. Is this common??

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Hi CMZ18,


Congratulations on your recent jump off benzos!


It can be a rough time and I hear you about cortisol - personally I experienced cortisol/ or adrenaline surges in the first couple of months after I jumped.  It was miserable.  I'm sorry you're going through this.  I found the best way to discharge this was to go on long walks to just try to let off pent up energy.  It may also help to avoid caffeine and limit sugar. 


Hang in there - it gets better but it takes time for your brain/central nervous system to heal and find equilibrium.


Take care,


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I think this is a VERY common symptom and I have been experiencing it for quite some time now.  I also went for cortisol testing where you take saliva samples throughout the day.  Oddly, my cortisol was within range all day, even though it was maybe at the high end of the scale.


One of my favorite sources for info on anxiety/depression is anxietycentre.com.  Their material states that while your cortisol may test normal, it could still be high for you and hence still cause you symptoms.  We are also hypersensitive because our nervous systems have been so heavily stressed, so even the slightest disturbance can cause significant discomfort.


A good recommendation is to get up when you wake up as opposed to laying in bed tossing and turning.  Even if you have to get up when it is dark and maybe just walk around a bit or sit with a cup of herbal tea and read a book or something, then perhaps let the cortisol wave pass and return to bed if possible.




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