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I was on clonazepam 0.5 mg devided times a day now 3x aday want 2x a day


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Clonazepam 0.5  devided in 4 X 0.125

I brought the last piece 10 pm gradually over to the other 3 pieces until it was gone  this went without symptoms!

As it is one small pill of 0.5 mg K O can't just cut down at one piece ,I have to cut down on whole pill

Now I want the middle piece13.00 to transfer bit by bit to the morning piece 07.00 so I have 2 intakes

0.7 .00 morning  bigger  piece 07.00 evening  smaller piece want the 07.00 pm piece smaller as it gives me insomnia if it gets bigger!

That's why I only want to transfer the 13.00 dose to the morning bit by bit

A one time  change doses gives me bad side effects  tried this when it were still 4 doses change it in one day to 3 doses  which was no succes

When I made the change bit by bit was a success

After that I want to change to one dose at 07.00 only

Please your reaction



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You're beginning to learn your body's reactions to changes to dosing.  If a slow (bit by bit) transfer worked before, maybe that's also the best approach this time.
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I will try to do the same this time but only transfer to the morning 07.00 and not the evening as that will give me more insomnia 
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