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"Numb" sensation windows, with no pain or anxiety.


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Throughout my withdrawal, even at the beginning about 1 month in, I've had similar windows to what I'm experiencing now at 8 months out, they don't last very long, maybe a half an hour or an hour. But everything feels numb and there's no pain or anxiety at all, and I just walk around my house like nothing ever happened and I can go outside and everything, and come back in like nothing ever happened, and then the wave start back. I don't know if that's how it's going to feel when it's over, but I don't understand the numb feeling. I don't mean like I can't feel my body or my hands or anything, I just don't know how to describe it other than a numb feeling. Like there's not all kinds of pain or anxiety. And I thought I had back issues and hand issues and stuff, but I don't feel it during those windows. So maybe I don't have anything wrong. I had a couple back surgeries a few years ago, maybe I didn't need them. I've been diagnosed with neuropathy and all kinds of stuff as well, maybe I didn't have that either. Just like all the stomach problems I had while I was on the benzos, maybe I didn't have that in reality either, it was just caused by the pills. All I know is I like that numb feeling because it's not bad at all.
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