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Former benzo user, fully recovered, now with interest in helping others


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Your reasons for joining BenzoBuddies;


The type of benzodiazepine (or z-drug) you take or have taken;

Etizolam, Xanax/alprazolam, Flubromazolam, diazepam


For how long you have been taking benzodiazepines;

4 years between 2013 to 2017


Your present dose; zero, I am fully recovered/benzo free


If you have started or finished your taper; I had three unsuccessful tapers before i recovered through being sectioned (long story!)


And anything else you feel would be useful for those wishing to reply to your introduction.

I am a uni lecturer in youth studies so i love reading and have an enquiring mind :)

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Hello Technofan,


Welcome to Benzo Buddies! Congratulations on being benzo free and healed.  You are not the only person to have unsuccessful attempts at tapering, this process can be very challenging. I'm sorry you had to go through being sectioned but it appears that you survived it.


We look forward to hearing more from you. One of the things that members hold on to is stories of recovery, called Success Stories. They can be a lifeline for those still going through withdrawal and recovery.


Why don't you share a bit more about your benzo journey. I'll give you a link to the Post Withdrawal Recovery Board where you can post and receive feedback from others.  Thanks for being here and willing to help others, that is the beauty of a peer support forum. 


Post-withdrawal Recovery Support 



pianogirl  :)

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