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At the end of a dry taper change to water but when and how


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I am tapering down 0.5 clonazepam dry scale  but did understand that the last part needs to get slower and a switch to water tapering would be slower and better than

At what point would that be good and how do you calculate for instance taper pill weight 0.40 mg to a water  solution of 80 ml  which means you need to file down your whole pill everyday to o.40 mg and then put it in 80 ml of water ?

And how do you desolve such a small piece of the pill with alcohol (vodka)

I am not good in calculating especially with my brain not


Or do you need to take a whole pill in a big amount water and trow away a lot

Please your advice  and don't direct me to the calculated as I tried but can not work with it


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