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I'm unintentionally addicted to Klonopin. I was first prescribed it 30 years ago, when I was detoxing from many other drugs. I am on 0.5 mg in the morning and 1mg at bedtime. I talked with my psychiatrist today about microdosing. She said it will take a year, which is fine. Anything to stop this poison.

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Hello Out4trout, Welcome to BenzoBuddies!


Most here are in the same boat as you, unintentionally dependent on these drugs, many had no idea what this drug is capable of.  I'm happy to hear your Dr is on board with a slow taper, this is what we suggest as well, its important to minimize our symptoms so we can remain functional in our lives.


Feel free to start a thread on the Planning your Taper board, there you'll see the methods we support and when you're ready, you can start a thread asking for suggestions from our members.


If you'd like to talk about what to expect, you can take a look at the  Withdrawal Support (during your taper), it's a good place to find support for this process.


We're happy you found us, please let us know how we can help you.



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